Why Tiger Marine

Tiger Marine has been quite spectacular bringing a new standard of sophistication and style to the world of rigid inflatable boating


Tiger Marine inflatable boats are built with the best parts in the world made by the best Italian manufacturer and complies with the CE regulations.

Welding Technology

Tiger Marine boat are built with the latest welding technology which is the hot air welding technique This way of welding gives the seam a strong power and makes it impossible to break. With this system TIGER MARINE boats raised all the warrantee period up to 3 years.


Every Tiger Marine boat is built according to the requirments of the international standards ISO-6185 and European directive for recreational craft 94/25/EC .,

One by One

Tiger Marine boats are built one by one , which means that they are hand made and they are inspected one by one with our highly technical skilled workers to provide the best gurantee for your boat.


Tiger Marine boats comes with 3 years warranty and 5 years fabric warranty


Tiger Marine boats are in the market since 1996 which means 13 year of experiance in inflatable boats manufacturing techniques.


Tiger Marine boats are built with a high quality fabrics in both plateforms PVC and Hypalon
PVC coated fabrics :
Tiger Marine boats are built in standard with Valmex fabric , made by Mehler texnologies from Germany , and it has two categories 1000 grm/ Sqmeter for foldable range and 1450 grm/sqmeter for rigid inflatable boats.
Hypalon coated fabrics :
Tiger Marine boats can be built with ORCA hypalon fabrics made by Pennel and Flippo from France as an option fabric for all our boats.